Coffee // Cauca, Colombia

$7.00 - $140.00
  • Coffee // Cauca, Colombia

Balanced between notes of chocolate and fruit our semi-washed, mixed varietal coffee adds a sparkling sweetness to your cup in a 100% compostable bag! For the maximum flavor profile, we recommend brewing at a 1:17 ratio… that’s 1 part coffee to 17 parts water.

Cuttylane Coffee does not use an importer. We source straight from third-generation coffee farmer, Ervin Liz. Ervin, originally from Cauca, Colombia is founder and operator of Native Root. Ervin sells his family’s coffee directly to our roastery at the price he sets.

The Liz family are from the Nasa community in Southern Cauca, Colombia. They organically grow and process their coffee in harmony with the forest. We are beyond grateful to work with the Liz family. Their dedication and your support make our dream of roasting coffee possible!